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December 2020

What a year! I started off with two exhibitions i 2020. Then I moved all my paintings to an elderly home for a big exhibition. Just the day before hanging up- everything closed. I believe we all have strange memories of 2020. Next Exhibition (planned back in 2019) was in December. We managed to keep it open for 6 days. Then everything closed down again. I do hope it will be different in 2021. But I guess worse things could happen. My paintings are after all just paintings. Look forward to see you in the coming years.

December 2019

I am working on the last picture of 2019. An order from a new customer. Have just received answer from the Curated Exhibition VK20 in The Eggstorage (Æglageret) in Holbaek. 2 of my paintings will be on the exhibition. That means exhibition in January/February. Looking forward to this. Opening on the 18th. of January. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

November 2019

Tomorrow I have to pick up a painting from the Framing Carpenter. It is a Picture, which has been ordered. I have to deliver the painting to Y’s Cocktail Bar on Friday the 15th. I hope they will like it. I encourage you to visit the Cocktail Bar, have a drink and see my Picture.

I have updated the homepage, with prices and “how to order”.

I am planning to make 1 or 2 prints of my paintings. Which ones would you prefer? Let me know:-)