The Bottlecollector and The Hatman

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These pictures are originally inspired by many visits to Sardinia (Sardegna) in Italy. On these trips, I saw more and more young men walking the beautiful beaches, loaded with goods nobody needed. These persons wandered around like ghosts, trying to sell their crappy goods to all of us on the beaches. This woke some questions in my head:

Where do these people come from?

Where are they, when they are not here?

Who supplies them with these useless goods?

Which proud companies are producing these useless things?

And many more, maybe you can add a few when you have seen the pictures:

Spacemanagement 2019
 120 x 150 cm.
Price: 2.700,- EUR
The Beachseller, 40x 40 cm . 2019 (Sold)

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